About DTO

Service warehouse equipment

DTO RSM offers services maintenance of warehouse equipment, providing organizational and cost effective solution for service and support of any storage facilities in the Moscow region. This solution allows the customer to ensure the stable operation of the operational processes.

As part of the maintenance of storage equipment provides the following tasks Support RSM Service + 24.

Service RSM Service + 24

Centralized Service Service + 24 is a single point of contact with the user by PCM. It brings together in a single information environment for all users and participants of the service process, facilitates the control and increases the manageability of services. Available 24x7x365 service RSM Service + 24 provides the registration and classification of all customer queries and complaints and coordinating members of the service process. Office of RSM Service + 24 also allows you to consolidate all the information about the services the customer interacts with the technical staff, and provides regular reports on all services rendered.

Skilled information support specialists in the operation, configuration, administration, equipment and resolve incidents, disaster recovery systems. The basis for the provision of support services are the questions of technical experts of the customer. Technical support also includes the provision of warranty and post-warranty repair of the equipment from any manufacturer of racks, replacement of consumables and coordinating relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

Section types of work


  1. Routine preventive maintenance of engineering systems
  2. independent technical oversight of the project
  3. Testing and technical audit of the systems installed client
  4. Conclusions on the technical examination of shelving.

Installation and maintenance

  1. Installation / removal of racking systems and warehouse equipment.
  2. Technical advice on the functionality and compatibility of hardware and software from different vendors. independent comparison solutions.
  3. Planned and emergency replacement of damaged items.

Why choose us?

  1. Common service standards FEM racking systems, EN, GOST, users, regardless of geo-referencing and equipment manufacturer.
  2. Guaranteed timeframe problem solving, depending on the priority of the application.
  3. Online access to technological, intellectual, technical and other resources of a high professional level.
  4. Ability to provide skilled support 24 hours a day.
  5. Using modern technology services based on leading industry standards.
  6. Minimizing downtime when systems change their place of operation.
  7. Certified and Qualified Person.
  8. We have all the permits to perform its tasks.
  9. As part of the agreement, all of the insured in the leading insurance companies.