Building and reconstruction of warehouse

Today warehouse terminal complex is effective, engineering, construction and design solutions that are aimed at creating optimal conditions and long-term safe storage of goods for various purposes. Our specialists will help you build a storage terminal for any purpose:

  • Distribution Center;
  • Temporary storage warehouse;
  • Warehouse custody;
  • Warehouse.

We are engaged in the construction and renovation of warehouse terminals in various regions of the Russian Federation. The company's professionals during the design of the warehouse will allow for a class assignment and storage terminal, scheduled cargo traffic conditions of the intended product, the possibility of expanding storage in the future.

Types of warehouses

The high demand of modern enterprises in the warehouses of various types has led to the requirement to use new technologies in construction of prefabricated storage terminals. Also on the demand of such facilities is greatly influenced and low cost pre-fabricated storage terminals.

This construction of warehouses perfectly meets all modern requirements. For storage terminals of different heights and areas are built solid foundations, built of reinforced concrete or metal frame warehouse. As the wall enclosures are most commonly used sandwich panels. Our storage terminals can easily be expanded if necessary. Also, they can finish building the upper floors.

Another way to budget rapid construction of storage terminal - is the construction of a steel frameless hangars gofrolist. Among the advantages - ease of fabrication and installation of window openings and gates anywhere storage terminal.

In addition, storage terminals can be built of brick or concrete. The choice of technology build a warehouse in some cases to determine the characteristics of the stored goods, especially in enterprises with chemical products. In this situation, the choice of materials is due to the requirements for storage conditions.